10 Terrifying Dark Souls 3 Bosses We Can't Wait To Fight

Mining the trailers has revealed some truly epic confrontations ahead.

Dark Souls 3 is expected to be the last game in the legendary, tortuous series, and looks set to give us a send-off equivalent to picking you up by the back of your pants, giving you an excruciatingly pleasurable wedgie and throwing you out the front door. No aspect of Dark Souls better embodies this cruel, challenging spirit than the bosses - menacing demi-gods tormented by their undying state or arisen after a thousand-year slumber to dutifully carry out some oath or another. You'll die, die, die again as you throw yourself against these goliaths, but when you finally topple them it's one of the best feelings you can possibly experience from a video game. With plenty of trailers for us to dig into and Dark Souls lore-ologists (not a real word, but it should be) rigorously analysing everything, we've seen plenty of the Dark Souls 3 bosses that await us. Here are 10 of the game's bosses (some of which have only just been unveiled), that we're already terrified of, yet can't wait to take on. Need we say SPOILERS ALERT?

10. Pontiff Sulyvahn

Of all the bosses in Dark Souls 3, this is the one whose name seems to nod most towards Bloodborne, with its looming cathedrals and religious themes. This being a Souls game, the pontiff in question isn't your typical friendly withered dude in a tall hat. He's more like the medieval kind of pope who'd rouse thousands into going on a crusade and not flinch at the thought of thousands of them dying. According to the lore, Sulyvahn controlled his knights using a cursed ring that sent them into war frenzies, and would then - like any good old-school pope - send them on murderous foreign expeditions in the name of whatever god he worships. Alternatively, judging by his blue and red light-sabers, he's a former Sith Lord who's somehow found himself in the wrong dimension, and thought 'to hell with it. May as well put my blade skills to good use by slashing up people half my size'. You fight His Unholiness in an impressive, glossy-floored cathedral, in what looks like a tense one-on-one duel where he'll have a distinct reach disadvantage.

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