10 Things EA Wants You To Forget

Nobody fails quite so hard as EA.

Ea Sin To Win Dantes Inferno

Of all the companies to dominate the headlines in gaming history, none strike fear into the hearts of us all quite like EA. Or rather, none have had such an auspicious beginning, GARGANTUAN burst of success and cultural embrace... only to live so long they became the villain.

Many will remember a time when "E-A-Sports, it's in the game" was a catchphrase said with smiles and fondness towards their many sports franchises. We remember when the company's higher-ups put huge amounts of cash into various "movie-level" video games like James Bond: Everything or Nothing, or The Simpsons Game.

We remember when even tie-ins were phenomenal as The Lord of the Rings titles remain entertaining as hell today - and that's not to mention franchises like Medal of Honor, Burnout and SSX that were easily some of the most played and cherished in their respective times.

The EA of today, though? They're a dark, ugly shell of their former selves.

Almost single-handedly responsible for the rise of blind box loot systems after experimenting with them in UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, EA in 2018 looks like a company with all the money in the world... spending it in the worst possible way.

Is this just the tip of the iceberg though? Sadly, yes...

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