10 Things Uncharted 4 Already Does Better Than Quantum Break

We don't need to wait until May 10th for this one.

Uncharted 4 quantum break

For as much as Microsoft really needed Quantum Break to a system-selling behemoth that not only restores peoples' faith in the power of the Xbox One, but in the future of the brand itself, sadly it just doesn't come together as well as those lofty ambitions demand.

A Frankenstein of an idea born from the days when Microsoft were charging head-first into TV integration and motion controls, Quantum Break was announced as the bridge between two ideologies; a hybrid that would feature a tie-in TV show, whilst also simultaneously being a third-person shooter.

Uncharted on the other hand, whilst having quite a few release date snafus and key member changes on the development side (series creator Amy Hennig departed in 2014), The Last of Us scribes Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley have apparently stepped in to weave a tale that has one hell of an emotional payoff for all involved.

Gameplay from the beta showed promise and an evolution to the game's core mechanics that should transfer nicely into a blockbuster rollercoaster in May, but this one might already be sewn up, considering just how flat many parts of Quantum Break fall.

It's green versus blue, ambition versus determination, Microsoft versus Sony. Did Quantum Break ever really stand a chance against the mighty Uncharted? Well...

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