10 Times The Games Industry Had No Idea WTF It Was Doing

Wow, you really nailed that one, IGN...


For as much as we love the gaming industry, there's no denying that it has a penchant for bad ideas. Even back in the golden days of the NES it was clear that publishers and developers could be out of touch with what people wanted, resulting in half-baked ideas like the Power Glove and the Virtual Boy - which tend to only be remembered as memes today.

Unfortunately, it seems that even in 2017 the industry doesn't have much more of a grasp on what it's doing. The divide between companies and players is not only evident in the disastrous release of the Wii U, the 180 U-turns of the Xbox One or the arrogant pricing of the PS3, but also in various ideas that at the very core of what we're playing today.

Thankfully, these WTF decisions the industry likes to implement are usually quietly canned when they don't take off, but that moment of relief only comes after hearing studios insist they're on the right track with 'revolutionary' ideas.

Oftentimes the industry just doesn't know when to quit, resulting in all manner of doomed ideas that should have never made it off the whiteboard...

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