10 Times Video Game Developers Totally Destroyed Their Own Creations

Bad press doesn't just come from critics, you know...


With all of the hype and preamble that goes into the promotion for any game these days, it gets a little bit difficult to know what information you can really trust. Press junkets, viral campaigns and even celebrity cameos are all tools of the trade for the industry's largest studios, meaning it's easy to generate interest for pretty much anything these days.

What you can more easily rely on, however, is the opinion and information we get when developers and publishers let their guard down and start to inadvertently shine an honest light on their own creations. And, as ridiculous as that may sound, you'd be surprised just how often a studio torches their own work.

We've all been there. On the wrong end of a bad day, saying or doing things we don't mean while lashing out at people who don't deserve it - it's a fact of life. And even the most famous video game studios have been too - they're only human, after all.

There are more than enough examples to show just how careless developers have been over the years, so here I present 10 times - accidentally or otherwise - video game developers destroyed their own creations...


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