10 Underrated Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

If they weren't fully appreciated then, how about now?

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More than any other medium, gaming is constantly innovating at a pretty unprecedented pace. Game engines, rendering techniques, detailed character models and simply the stories are told can be 'outdated' within a year or two of release, forcing developers and publishers to forever look to the future - to at least attempt to 'predict' what may or may not catch on, or to kickstart a trend themselves.

For many games, lightning strikes and we tend to associate either said franchise, landmark one-off or the creatives themselves for getting everything just right, but what of those other titles that attempt to line up the stars, only to find no one was looking?

A good handful of the following games were certainly still popular, but they all displayed characteristics, mechanics or features that set them apart from the competition in their respective time, or were aped and innovated on years - sometimes decades - in the future.

Which games completely blew you away by being ahead of the curve, only for the industry to keep thundering on without notice?

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