10 Unhinged Video Game Characters That Would've Made Perfect Villains

Sometimes the "good guys" just don't seem all that good.

It€™s not uncommon for the bad guys in video games to be stark-raving lunatics that care nothing for human life, but more often than not, the heroes can seem more deranged than the villains, acting recklessly, hysterically, or downright unhinged. Take Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V for example, a twisted killer and maniac who doesn€™t see reality quite the way it really is. He€™s also a psychotic torturer who is single-handedly responsible for one of the most disturbing scenes from the entire game, in which the player is forced to bludgeon a man almost to death with various tools. Oh, and he€™s an implied cannibal, yet we spend more time in his company than any of the crime figures and shady characters you'll be taking down. Odd choice for a hero, don't you think? The unadulterated evilness of bad guys is part of the reason they can be so entertaining, but when the hero or heroine starts acting like a psychopath, you start to wonder if that character is really worth rooting for at all. You might even start to wonder if they€™d make a better bad guy. So, with that in mind, here€™s 10 Video Game characters that would€™ve made perfect villains...

A postgraduate student at Durham University, Richard's passions include detective fiction and PC gaming, and he is currently writing a novel about neither.