10 Unlikely Films That Should Be Made Into Video Games

Sit back, scratch yourself and feast your eyes on the games you could be playing in the near future…

Luke Stevenson


Movies; Games; Entertainment. Between crushing originality with repetitive sequels and milking the consumer for all they’re worth…and then some more with constantly inflating prices, these two genres of entertainment take their time to crossover.

Either with lacklustre movie adaptations of games, such as Max Payne, Hitman, Resident Evil and Silent Hill or top quality movie adaptations of games like… Or hastily forced game versions of the movies like Transformers, Avatar, and Harry Potter. These genres enjoy their intertwining, yet we here at WhatCulture! towers we can’t help but notice there are some top quality (and not so top quality) films they have missed which would be ripe for a game adaptation.

Therefore, to save the already pressed for imagination gaming industry the trouble of doing this themselves so they can focus on more sequels to COD, Battlefield and other games no-one wants to see on the shelves again.

Sit back, scratch yourself and feast your eyes on the games you could be playing in the near future…

1. Spice World

Movie Plot: Like the ending of The Matrix, Prometheus and Nicolas Cage’s face – this movie is quite inscrutable and the focus of much internet discussion as to what it’s actually about. The general consensus is that this is a plot less meander through the egotistical cash book of the Spice Girls’ record company set out to destroy cinema. Throughout this tale there is a Rupert Murdoch homage, that guy who used to host the Crystal Maze disrespecting himself and Aliens, which leads us too….

The Game Plot: (Sequel to the movie)

Following the contact the Spice Girls had with extra-terrestrial life in the movie, the FBI of course want to bring this life back to Earth to study them and their modes of intergalactic transportation. The game begins with the Spice Girls organising the largest gig in human history to try and attract the aliens but this turns out of course just to be an elaborate rouse by the governments of the world to trap the alien life who we know to be huge Spice Girl fans.

The ruse works, and the aliens flock, however in greater numbers than ever expected and the FBI starts to worry, the Spice Girls sing and the trap is initiated. The aliens, hurt by this trap, turn on the soldiers massed in this huge indoor concert facility in the Nevada Desert. Here the thrust of the gameplay begins, the Spice Girls, split up during the massive gun fight that ensued in their concert hall, have to battle the feral aliens which are now on the hunt for human flesh following this betrayal.

Picture Dead Space… but with Spice Girls.

Cool Game Play features:

You have the final choices on the concert design.
You play as all of the Spice Girls.
Can come with a 4 player campaign co-op feature, like Borderlands, but the character that is not chosen is then killed off in a variety of split screens.
Each Spice Girl gets a signature weapon and move, Scary Spice has a super kick, Baby Spice who can cute enemies in to not killing her and Sporty Spice who just uses the harshness of her scouse accent to overwhelm alien ear drums.
Possible sequels: Spice – Universe, Spice Girls at the end of the Galaxy.