10 Upcoming 2017 Video Game Moments We Can’t Wait To Play

Playable Kylo during his turn to the dark side? Hell yes.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Kylo

Through trailers and extensive gameplay demos, we tend to get excited about all sorts of special 'trailer moments.' Whether it be new gameplay mechanics, playing as an awesome new hero or journeying through a fantastically designed world, they're the ones that convince you to buy in immediately, even though you took a solemn oath you wouldn't pre-order again.

2017 has had many of these from a plentiful amount of great titles so far, and yet, the year isn't done yet. There are still numerous major titles that will be available quite soon, but that doesn't mean players will automatically be satisfied with what they get.

Hype is a dangerous thing, and major games need to live up to those heightened expectations... somehow. To do so, they need to give players all sorts of special set-piece takeaways that make the excitement feel rewarded. Moments like...


10. Sliding Down The Great Pyramid Of Giza - Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassins Creed Origins

Although Assassin's Creed has become somewhat stale in recent years, the impressive art design and gorgeously-rendered locations have always been standout components. With Origins, players can take part in activities aboard their sailboat, fight off enemies on horseback and much more. However, the first thing to check off everyone's bucket list involves a certain Egyptian landmark, and a version of the Leap of Faith never seen before.

While there likely won't be many moments that make this action a necessity, it's difficult to resist the temptation to do it at least once. Think about: you steadily traverse the massive structure, get to the very top, and then slide all the way down to the ground while soaking in the beautiful scenery of the sunny desert landscape.

There should be several promising elements in the game overall, but with the art direction and locations typically being the most praiseworthy aspects of the AC series, it'll be difficult to avoid climbing Giza the second you start a playthrough.

Besides, who doesn't love a good view?


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