10 Upcoming Video Games That Prove Single Player Is Far From Dead

Player 1 has infinite continues.


Whether it was platforming through the jungles of Crash Bandicoot or journeying across vast lands in search of princesses in Zelda, single-player experiences have always been at the forefront of some of our most nostalgic memories when it comes to gaming.

As we grew up, the experiences we played evolved with us, trading in vibrant visuals and double jumps for hard-hitting stories and immersive worlds. For many, single-player is the only way to play, providing rich storytelling alongside unique environments to explore to our heart's content.

However, as the gaming industry progresses, so do the games. With the popularity of titles like Fortnite or Pokemon GO continually amassing, developers' interest in non-multiplayer content is beginning to disappear, leading many to propose the so-called 'death' of single-player is on the horizon.

But no matter how many battle royales developers are looking to cram into their games, it's foolish to count out player 1 just yet. E3 2018 showed us that the single-player scene is still ripe with exciting new content, proving once again that going solo is healthier than ever.


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