10 Upcoming Video Games To Look Out For In May 2017

Thought it was going to be a quiet month? Think again.

Gun Media

As we continue through May, the upcoming release window might not feel very star-studded - but to call it a quiet month would be entirely wrong.

With E3 coming up in the not so distant future, industry titans have begun to hold their cards closer to their chests - and the truly huge, console-exclusive games come to a trickle. That said however, exclusives aren't everything in gaming.

Indeed, there are a whole load of unique and fresh games to explore throughout the release cycle in May, standing back-to-back with the AAA industry's lesser-insured ventures - you just have to dig a little bit to find them.

Are you into fighting games? This is your month, with titles from Capcom, Arcsys, and NetherRealm all launching only ten days apart. Are you a huge fan of horror? Illfonic is bringing a classic slasher back from the dead in a multiplayer experience. Strategy RPGs? Magic-based FPS shooters? Baseball arena brawlers? Yes, yes, and yes: the month of May holds all of these and more.

No matter what your tastes are, there's certain to be something this month that tickles your fancy.


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