10 Utterly Cinematic Video Game Trailers

Just the other day the full Arkham: Origins trailer hit, bringing with it two striking realisatons. The first was that the…

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Just the other day the full Arkham: Origins trailer hit, bringing with it two striking realisatons. The first was that the trailer had no gameplay footage so we didn’t really get a taste of what the game might actually be like. Secondly, it was pretty awesome. While I have my gripes about this word around the gaming medium, it was undoubtedly ‘cinematic’. The word is complicated when used in the same conversation of games because I generally feel that games should have their own identity away from film. However, it doesn’t stop there being ton of great game trailers that would play well on a cinema screen.

Gaming is full of excellent game trailers, and there are some that are utterly cinematic. Many advanced advanced CG technology and end up looking something close to a high-end animated movie that we will never get. Of course, they also show a game we will never get as well, but who is counting? A game trailer’s job is to get people excited for the product and all of these trailers do that. Of course, there are some booboos along the way when a game doesn’t end up being as good as the ‘cinematic’ trailer, but they actually have a pretty good track record. Usually because if a studio has a ton of money to pump into a fully rendered CG movie, then they will have pumped a ton of money into the game


10. Arkham Origins

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Sure, I can’t really judge if this cinematic trailer is good, as we don’t know if it is a good representation of the game it is advertising. However, I can say in terms of getting my attention, which is of course the primary purpose of these adverts, it has succeeded.

If this was a clip for an upcoming animated feature, I would most certainly watch it. There are some really successful moments in this trailer and at times it drifts towards photo realism without ever really getting bogged down in the uncanny valley.

It is successful in terms of setting the story of game, which shows a bunch of super villains hellbent on trying to kill the Batman while also competing with one another. This has caught a bunch of peoples attention, and in terms of being a smartly edited and staged piece of filmmaking, it is hard to fault.