10 Video Game Bosses That Totally Sucked

Don’t you hate it when you’re playing a great game, and then you get to one of those soul-crushing points…

Shaun Munro


Don’t you hate it when you’re playing a great game, and then you get to one of those soul-crushing points that just doesn’t make you want to keep going? We’re talking about terrible boss fights, boss fights that aren’t necessarily difficult or annoying, but simply lack invention in an otherwise inventive game; it’s as though the developers got to a certain point and got tired, so thought, “That’ll do”, resorting to the most base solution possible. It’s all the more troubling when it isn’t even the final boss in the game, and then the quality picks up again afterwards, making for an inconsistent experience. For the large part, though, these picks are the last bosses of the game, suggesting that the developers simply got a little tired near the end of production, and thought players had enjoyed themselves enough up to this point, that they won’t care too much about a craptacular final fight.

Here are 10 video game bosses that totally sucked.



10. The Terminator – Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is, on the whole, a freaking awesome game; it’s got everything you want in a sci-fi space opera, and so one would expect that giving players a memorable send-off in the final stretch wouldn’t be so hard. However, BioWare resorts to the most unimaginative final boss of all time, a robot giant that quite unmistakably resembles the T-800 exoskeleton from the Terminator series, and you’re forced to traipse around a small map for a few minutes, shooting it until it finally gives in and crumples under the combined weight of your bullets and the threat of copyright infringement.

So inconsequential and boring was this final fight that many struggled to believe it was the final boss at all; so many of us doubtless expected something else to appear afterwards, so imagine our collective surprise when there was nothing, nada, zip. For a game that’s so bursting with imagination, how they could elect for something so disappointingly generic is anyone’s guess. Must’ve been an early finish at the office the day they scripted the final mission…