10 Video Game DLC Releases That Were Better Than The Original

9. New Super Luigi U


New Super Mario Bros. U was a fun Wii U game that showed off the potential of the system's controller and made for some entertaining multiplayer moments. However, it ultimately didn't feel like anything that special. 

New Super Luigi U doesn't have that problem. While Nintendo could have just thrown a Luigi theme onto the original  and called it a day, with this  they really took time to examine how playing as Luigi would fundamentally alter the experience. Using the character's greater jump height and other unique characteristics to the game's advantage, Nintendo was able to craft a Mario game that doesn't quite feel like any other Mario game. These are some of the most creative 2D Mario levels they've ever given us, and there are almost as many of them as there are in the main game. 

While Nintendo's "Year of Luigi" didn't quite lead to a renaissance for the company's most unappreciated hero, it did give us this DLC gem. 

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