10 Video Game DLC That's Actually Worth The Money

Making your favourite games even better.


The subject of downloadable content is a hot topic at the moment, what with EA revealing to the world that not only does a lot of their business depend on it, but the costs involved for the player can ultimately be chalked up to corporate greed.

There are plenty of other companies that follow the same business plan, which can sometimes be somewhat justified with free-to-play games, yet they seldom go the extra mile. That's why stumbling across a game that utilises DLC well is always so rewarding and, in a way, utterly refreshing.

This doesn't come in the form of loot boxes or bigger guns but in substantial improvements to the base game. New modes, massive maps, even radically different playable characters; some DLC can bring out even more fantastic gaming experiences from the titles we love.

Whether it’s the price of the product due to the approach the developers take, or just the overall quality of the DLC, these developers actually seemed to give a damn about creating games, and expanding on them for the greater good.


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