For every great video game franchise out there, there are countless ones that have just exhausted originality and become creatively stagnant. While we’re not hugely keen on the idea of reboots becoming a common thing as they already are in the film world, it’s surely an inevitability if the likes of DmC and Tomb Raider’s impending reboots are successes, which we expect they will be.

Still, if they’re going to do it, hopefully they’ll at least reboot properties that could do with an injection of fresh ideas and a new twist on their favoured formula. Here are 10 video game franchises that absolutely need a reboot.



10. Onimusha

Granted, Capcom already has a lot on their plate with the forthcoming Devil May Cry reboot, but here’s a franchise we’d rather see get the reboot treatment, given how enjoyable the first few games were, and how long it’s been since we’ve had an Onimusha game (that’s coming up to 7 years!). When we remember that all the major titles in the series so far have been fairly well-received, it seems to come down to sales, as though the first and second games reaped over 2 million sales each, the fourth game barely scraped one quarter of that.

Still, we love that mixture of old Japanese history with supernatural hack-and-slash combat, so we hope that with a stylistic fine-tuning, perhaps we could get another title. What about updating the gameplay mechanics to suit the current trends, such as Capcom did so well with Resident Evil 4? Using that engine or a similar one, Onimusha could be relevant again, and also become another sales juggernaut for the publisher.

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This article was first posted on November 26, 2012