10 Video Game Mentors Who Were Actually Complete Morons

2. Victor 'Sully' Sullivan - Uncharted

Cigar-chompin' elder partner of cave-plunderer Nathan Drake, Sully's raised Nate from a fairly young age, seeing a spark of himself manifesting when the latter was attempting to steal his generationally-descendent coin from a museum. Playing as Drake we've done everything from travel the world's tropical jungles to battling blue-skinned supernatural ancient forces, having a huge amount of well-earned laughs all along the way. Hold on a minute though... Oof, how can I say anything negative about Sully? He's like the wise-crackin' relative who drops in at family gatherings, makes the room laugh and leaves in a Hawaiian shirt-hanging blur. He's easily one of the most beloved characters of all time, but for all his charms - he's kinda also like a money-grubbing version of Winnie the Pooh. Mr. Sullivan treats the acquisition of wealth rather like a drug he just can't quit across the various games in the series, going along with all sorts of harebrained schemes just because Nate mentions there could be some coin in it at the end of the line. Even after being captured, coming very close to death and then acknowledging this way of life is "full of mistakes" in part three, he's back yet again in Uncharted 4, looking dog-tired in the process. It's no wonder the game's called "A Thief's End", as it looks like it's not Nate or brother Sam that are going to meet their maker, it's the suicidal gold-digger himself, Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan.
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