10 Video Game Mentors Who Were Actually Complete Morons

1. Batman - Batman: Arkham City

The Dark Knight, the caped-crusader, World's Greatest Detective and the living embodiment of bone-breaking justice for anyone daring to cross the moral line in Gotham, Batman's Arkham appearances are the finest in gaming history. In Arkham's City and Knight we learn this version of the Bat has also taken Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing under his wing, thereby in scenes away from the game he must've departed wisdom on how best to go about emulating his own brand of crime-fighting. So, in the field we're then to assume he sticks to such a ruleset, ensuring the best way to lead his followers is by setting as many perfect examples as possible in the process. Hang on a minute though... Cast your mind back to Arkham City, as with the hype now washed off those excite-o-goggles you had on at launch, you'll notice how spectacularly off-the-mark this middle-instalment of Bruce really is. Across the game's campaign you get the idea Rocksteady were trying to paint their version of Batman as an emotionally-stunted militaristically-minded warrior. However, after Robin saves him from having a blade drawn across his throat, he remarks saying he "Didn't need help" (great teamwork), before going on to make the conscious decision that trying to romance Talia al Ghul is a better choice than saving Gotham - finally showing his true identity to both her and a roomful of bodyguards. All the teachings of masked vigilante justice, being prepared to sacrifice yourself for the greater good and - above all - working as a team to ensure everything turns out alright in the end all go out the window in Arkham City, despite Bruce's stature as the leading figure in tackling Gotham's underbelly. Are there any we missed? Who do you agree with and who doesn't belong? Let us know in the comments!
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