10 Video Games That Were Always Doomed To Fail

Did Duke Nukem forever really stand a chance?

Tom Butler


2K Games
2K Games

There can be any number of reasons behind a video game failure. It could be down to bad marketing, poor timing, a miniscule budget, or just an audience that isn’t interested. Sometimes it can seem like everything is stacked against a game’s success.

It’s not always initially apparent that a game is going to fail. Luck can play as much a factor in a video game’s release as anything else on the market, and an unforeseen competitor release or financial crash can be enough to bring down an entire studio.

However, occasionally there’s a release that seems inevitably doomed to fail. Be it through disappointing sales or a total critical panning, these are the games that make you question why anyone thought it would be a good idea in the first place. In the worst cases, the resulting fallout can be even more fun to watch than playing the games themselves.

From bloated budgets to outright unmarketable premises, each of these games have their own stories behind their failures. While some are tales of tragedy, others are cynical cash-ins that totally deserved their lack of success. One thing that all of them share in common though, is that it was obviously going to end in tears from the start.