10 Video Games Inspired By H.P. Lovecraft

10. Call Of Cthulhu

Focus Home Interactive

Cyanide Studios seems like a strange choice when it comes to the development of a game based on Lovecraft’s most famous work. Mostly known for their series of annual Pro Cycling Manager games, they hardly seem like a good fit to tackle the genre of cosmic horror.

And yet, 2018’s Call of Cthulhu released to a generally positive reception from gamers eager to step back into Lovecraft’s twisted world. Primarily borrowing elements from stealth titles and walking simulators, the resulting experience feels a bit reminiscent of the old Penumbra games—themselves having more than a causal connection to the Lovecraft mythos.

Though it bears the name of his most famous short story, Call of Cthulhu is more reminiscent of The Shadow Over Innsmouth with a dash of Pickman’s Model thrown in for good measure. What’s more, the game introduces more otherworldly phenomena than just the eponymous creature himself, though he does make a very quick appearance if players chose the very worst ending.

It isn’t a universally lauded game—few in the genre are. However, it’s nice to see titles like this release during a time in which the mainstream video game industry seems to be lacking in creativity.


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