10 Video Games That Could Seriously Damage Your Health

It’s a well-documented fact that our video games are trying to kill us. Now that I’ve got your attention, let…

Stewart Sutherland



It’s a well-documented fact that our video games are trying to kill us.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain. Unless you’re a very, very avid reader, you probably didn’t know that every Nintendo 64 game manual came with a hodgepodge of small text, warning you of the dangers associated with this new technology called “3D gaming.” Oh sure – Goldeneye 007 might have seemed like an innocent mass-murdering James Bond simulator, but under those happy shooting soldiers and those carefree explosions were the tools to give gamers square eyes! Maybe. I didn’t read the warnings.

Fun and jokes aside, video games are no different from most hobbies out there. Sit down, check that your batteries are charged and remember to stretch your legs now and again and you’ll be fine. But if you think that strapping knives to your wrists while playing Assassin’s Creed is an awesome idea, maybe read this article first. ‘Cause the next 10 games have hurt more than just in paying money for them…


10. Wii Sports


Bundled together with the Nintendo Wii, this simple title let gamers ease themselves into the motion controls while seeing what the new console was capable of. After all – it might not have been crisp and clear like its competitors, but Nintendo somehow made playing golf almost… fun. But all it takes is a bunch of people over-doing it and things got out of hand.

Some people used the Wii’s controls so vigorously and so often that they complained of sore muscles, aching wrists and other repetitive strain injuries. It even earned a medical title – Wiitis, where the cure was a mild pain killer and, wait for it, stop playing the Wii so much. Doctor Mario was unavailable for comment.

Fun fact – the first wrist straps that came with the Wii were so thin, several people also complained that they would snap mid-movement, causing the remote to go flying from their hand and breaking a (usually) expensive television. Nintendo later replaced the straps, but not the tv’s. How’s that for insult to injury?