10 Video Games That Only Make Sense If You Bought The DLC

10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A Time Jump Explained

Square Enix

While Deus Ex: Human Revolution shipped with a pretty tight and coherent single-player story, the main game featured a completely jarring time jump that gets immediately overlooked, as late in the the story hero Adam Jensen disappears for three days in between chapters without explanation.

The first expansion fills in these missing hours however, and explains that Jensen was actually captured by enemies and stripped of his augmentations, having to fight his way out of their lair and escape to continue his mission.

Although it's not that substantial from a gameplay perspective, it should really have been present in the base release to begin with - something which the devs clearly recognised, as they integrated the DLC into its intended spot in the narrative for the Director's Cut re-release.

Hell, the DLC was literally titled "The Missing Link", just in case you had any reservations about how vital it was to the overall story.

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