10 Video Games With Questions You Won't Want To Answer

Breaking your mind in the most satisfying way possible.

Walking Dead War Of Mine

Whether it be an immaculately written story penned by a talented writer, series of revealing cutscenes or a glorious combination of the two, gaming has the unique ability to put you slap-bang in the middle of the action.

Down to taking far longer to get through than your average film or book, as a visual medium replete with actors, sound design, world architecture and intended pace, a team of creatives can load a given game with all sorts of takeaway messages and philosophical musings.

The best titles usually do this subtly, underpinning the biggest set-pieces or obvious emotional beats with wider world-impacting ramifications. Of course there's scope for expository dialogue and more direct messaging - the Metal Gear franchise built an entire brand on rooting the player to the spot and educating them on everything from politics to genome therapy - but I maintain the outright finest games are a blend of the two.

Whether said game gives you a choice to act is also up for debate. As you'll find across these examples, sometimes it's imperative for the player to be forced into taking action, and others, just living with a set of consequences can be way more powerful.

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