10 Video Games You'll Be Ashamed To Tell Your Kids About [VIDEO]

There are some games where the idea of having to explain them makes us die inside.

Can you imagine it? You're older, cleaning out the garage. You come across an dusty, haggard storage box. You smile to yourself as you open it; the old 360, you haven't seen it in years. You run to the living room to move your fancy 9th gen console aside and gently place it's grandparent down beside it. You excitedly shout of your kids and proclaim that they're about to witness 'real' gaming, none of this new fangled VR stuff. Then you hammer away at Lollipop Chainsaw as they look on in confusion. 'Where are all her clothes?' They ask. They're judging you. Let the awkwardness begin. There are some games that while fun to play, are nothing more than violent, crass and low-brow exploitation adventures at the core. 90% of the time, we don't really think about it or care until we have to explain them to others, but even then, gamers of a similar age just kinda get it. It's non-gamers and kids where every attempt to explain the reasons behind the madness on screen just results in the hole you're digging getting deeper. There are some games where the very idea of having to explain them and the reasons we played them to our kids just makes us die inside. This is a list of 10 of them.

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