Currently, there are only three companies that dominated the console market; Sony with its PlayStations, Microsoft with its Xboxes, and Nintendo with its assortment of console brands. And as we enter the eighth generation, all three companies will once again go at each other’s throats for the throne in a triple threat, completely uninterrupted. That is until a new contender joins the fray next year; Valve with its long-rumored “Steam Box.”

Last week, Valve revealed three major surprises for the living room. The company revealed a Linux/Steam based operating system called Steam OS. The company will also be beta testing Steam machines (or Steam Boxes) that will run said OS on the television, and will eventually launch the final product next year. And finally, valve revealed a controller for the Steam machines and Steam OS that looks like something out of a science fiction film.

But what exactly does it all mean for the console market? The most likely scenario is a possible upset in the eighth generation console war. Why?

Here are ten possible reasons…

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This article was first posted on October 14, 2013