10 Ways The PS4 Could Still Fail

ps4-new-pic With each passing day, it seems like the next-gen console war is heating up a little bit more, as Sony and Microsoft in particular continue to reveal details about their new, upcoming consoles, attempting to continually one-up one another as they do so. Though most of us were blown away by Sony's E3 presence this year - in which they firmly demolished Microsoft - the war has barely even begun, so it's premature to suggest that Sony has unequivocally won outright. If the last console war taught us anything, it's that anything can happen; an unexpected contender could rush to first place, and seemingly impossible market leads can gradually shift over time. Though it seems like common sense to suggest that the PS4 will take the early lead, here are 10 reasons why, both at launch and in the long run, the PS4 could fail...

10. Microsoft Continues To Reverse Idiotic Policies

Xbox One When Microsoft announced a litany of draconian policies for their Xbox One, all Sony had to do was say the opposite, and they had an instant knockout punch in the bag. Microsoft's embarrassing PR fiasco began with the announcements that the Xbox One would restrict used games and require players to connect to the Internet every 24 hours to authenticate, two avenues Sony made clear at E3 that they were not pursuing. Furthermore, Microsoft also expressed little interest in indie game self-publishing, and were going to require the Kinect to be plugged into the Xbox One at all times. Since the widely negative response to Microsoft's choices, they have slowly but surely back-pedaled on pretty much every single one of these calls, which may have been enough to win back some of those who will have fled to the PS4. Though in many ways the damage has already been done - and the backtracking just makes Microsoft look weak and indecisive - it was still the right move to make business-wise, and will surely help them in the long run.
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