10 Ways To Make The Perfect Star Wars Video Game

What happened to making a truly great Empire Strikes Back game?

Empire Strikes Back Game

Star Wars video games have long been a very divisive subject for gamers around the world. Some still hold Knights of the Old Republic in the highest regard, where others prefer the drama of the Jedi Outcast series and, of course, there's always one who firmly believes Battlefront is the pinnacle of gaming for the galaxy far, far away.

While it must be said that some Star Wars games have been truly superb; there's still a lot that could be done to make the game the fans all want to play. It doesn't need to feature virtual reality or even necessarily follow the events of the films that have dazzled audiences for decades. Instead, the perfect Star Wars games should delve deep into the machinations of why we love the mythology so much, expanding on everything from blaster/lightsaber debates to the Rule of Two, political posturing and of course, wielding the Force itself.

Here's hoping that the content of this article worms its way towards the various developers currently working on the franchise, as somewhat obviously, they need to take heed of what Star Wars fans want from Star Wars video games...

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