10 Weird And Awesome Video Game Hallucination Scenes

Video games are my drug of choice and have been for a number of years, and the best thing about…

Daniel McMurtry



Video games are my drug of choice and have been for a number of years, and the best thing about that particular addiction is that it is completely legal too, and as such it gives me the peace of mind that I won’t end up languishing in a prison.

But they don’t all come without psychological effects. Some of these video games have some downright awesome hallucination scenes, either by the character indulging in their own clandestine hobbies or simply by being downright crazy from the get go. Through those crazy sequences, gamers can experience the joys and dangers of drug use without the usual hangovers and undesired potential medical after-effects.

Here we count down the 10 weirdest and most awesome video game hallucination scenes of recent years.

Warning: There are some SPOILERS within…

10. Max Payne


Poor Max, he really hasn’t had it easy and by the end of the series he’s an alcoholic and addicted to painkillers, which is never the best cocktail. Before all of this took hold though we need to go back to the first game in the series: Max is just a normal, everyday NYPD detective who arrives home from work to find three junkies, high on a new drug called Valkyr. He rushes in to save his wife and newborn daughter but is too late and finds them brutally slaughtered. This is when Max decides to join the DEA to stop the spread of this dangerous new drug.

Max goes undercover in the Punchinello Mafia family, headed by Don Angelo Punchinello who is responsible for the trafficking of Valkyr throughout the city. Nothing of course is that simple for Max, the deeper into this he goes, the harder it gets. He get’s framed for the murder of his DEA contact Alex Balder, the mafia find out he is really a cop and the police chief still thinks he’s a mafia hitman.

As it transpires, Punchinello is only a puppet in the bigger scheme of things, when he is gunned down by agents of Nicole Horne, the CEO of the mysterious Aesir Corporation. Nicole then injects Max an overdose of Valkyr and leaves him for dead, as he experiences a drug-induced nightmare and suffers his internal torment and guilt for not being able to save his family- as well as strange letters allegedly written by his deceased wife telling him that he is actually in a video game.