10 Weird Video Game Concepts That Totally Should've Sucked

Pigeon Dating Simulator anyone?

In the history of gaming there have been some titles which could be considered a bit on the quirky side. There have also been those that some people find straight up bewildering too, but just because a game has some fairly outside-the-box thinking it doesn€™t always mean that it will be total rubbish - sometimes quite the opposite is true.

A big complaint aimed at the gaming industry today is that the same genres and game mechanics keep appearing over and over; with one title plagiarising another from the same wheelhouse and yearly franchises becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart from each other.

This lack of variety has meant that titles which do manage to show some innovation, challenge the player's concept of what a game actually 'is' or are just totally different from anything else that has come before can often make for an unexpected hit.

Here is a collection of the ten games which possess some of the strangest concepts ever seen in gaming, yet strangely they're all totally brilliant. Many of these hugely enjoyable entries are available on multiple platforms and are well worth trying out - you'll be very surprised when a certain element you expect to just be a gimmick turns into the best and most memorable part of the game.

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