10 Weirdest Unlockable Characters In Wrestling Video Games

10. Sue & Pamela, The Ring Girls (WWF War Zone)


Any WWE video game that was released during the Attitude Era is pretty much guaranteed to have two things: heightened violence and boobs. Developers of the 1998 cross-platform release War Zone realized almost too late that they were dangerously lacking in one of those areas and sought to remedy the situation with not one but two sets of hidden ta-tas.

Sue, who appears in Season Mode to distribute the championship whenever it changes hands, is available as a pre-made character that players can choose in the Create A Wrestler section.

For some reason, this bikini-clad woman has the move set of The Excellence of Execution, Bret Hart. Maybe Sue is a little-known graduate of the Hart Family Dungeon?

Pamela, meanwhile, is reportedly based on an employee from Iguana Entertainment, one of the game's developers, who wasn't even high enough on the food chain to be listed in the credits. Naturally, this other skimpily-attired woman was given Triple H's move set, because developers thought it would be hilarious to watch her shove a dude's head between her legs.

Admittedly, it is a little funny.


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