10 Well-Known Gaming 'Facts' That Are Actually Bulls**t

9. Blowing Into Cartridges Fixed Them

Speaking of old-school gamers, anyone who was ever in possession of a SNES - or any cartridge-loading console before Sony ushered in the disc-based revolution - will remember the schoolyard myth that if your game wasn't working, you could simply blow on it to make it work again. Bizarrely, this approach tends to get used everywhere from reviving TV remotes to any modern-day disc causing issues, but in reality (at least for the cartridges anyway) it was pure pot luck that the connectors inside the cartridge came back to life. In fact, blowing with increasing force actually did more harm than good, building up layers of moisture and potentially dislodging the smaller pins within the housing - it's just a shame this information wasn't more widespread back when it would've mattered most.
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