10 Worst Modern Video Game Universes To Live In

There are so many video games that have their heroes fighting against things like aliens and zombies in apocalyptic conditions….

Sean Michael Hackett


Grand Theft Auto IV

There are so many video games that have their heroes fighting against things like aliens and zombies in apocalyptic conditions. But what if you weren’t the hero, but just a normal guy? What would it be like living in a world surrounded by monsters, aliens and gun-wielding maniacs? A world where you are totally expendable.


10. Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

While we don’t actually see many normal civilians in the game (as it is set entirely in the super-prison of Arkham City), it’s not hard to imagine what life in Gotham must be like for the average Joe. How are you supposed to feel safe when there are so many super-villains in operation in the city, along with countless numbers of thugs who work for the major players, like the Joker and Penguin?

Granted, during the course of the game all of these are locked up in Arkham City, but considering the track record of break-outs from the original Arkham Asylum (there were easter eggs of a lot of characters, but not many of them actually seemed to be locked up), any normal person would be skeptical of how secure Arkham City would really be.

Also, one of the side missions of the game is to save political prisoners from being killed by thugs. But what counts as a political prisoner? Is it just someone who publically protested against the complex? Or could it be someone who simply retweeted a comment someone else made about it? Either way, there are a lot of normal, innocent people stuck in Arkham City. And the alternative ending, which shows Catwoman leaving the complex and entering Gotham City, shows just how close Arkham City is to the rest of Gotham.

How would you feel if your house or apartment was right next to the walls of the complex? If one of the super-villains was to break out, surely your place would be the first place they would go for a hostage/money/disguise/fun.

And what about the ending of Arkham Asylum, where news helicopters showed the Titan-infected Joker scaling the building to the roof? How is a normal citizen supposed to react when they see that the infamous super-villain Joker has morphed into some grotesque, over-powered monster? Either everyone is Gotham is on edge all of the time or they are all ridiculously relaxed about sharing a city with crazy thugs, a man who looks like a giant crocodile and someone who is made out of clay.