10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

Avoid this nonsense like the plague.

Nintendo Switch Troll And I
Spiral House

Back when the Switch launched, both the PS4 and Xbox One fanbases laughed heartily at just how threadbare its storefront was. Yes, the mighty, open world genre-upending Legend of Zelda was a damn fine shiny gem, but outside of that, we were left to the mercy of a handful of indie devs and whatever else could be submitted to Nintendo HQ fast enough.

The whole setup created a groundswell rush to get any game in front of the thousands of Switch owners that were dying to play something. It didn't matter if said game was a mobile port, half-baked idea or even unfinished, barely playable mess - Nintendo needed games, developers had them, and audiences wanted ways to while away the hours until the next "proper" title dropped.

Flash forward a few months and the eShop is thriving. Whether you're multiple pages into the latest Deal selections or just browsing the current top 10 charts, everything from Skyrim to Stardew Valley, Resident Evil to Minecraft, Mario and Splatoon are all there for the taking.

However, all those early mentalities are still present if you scratch away at the surface, giving way to a number of titles that aren't only the worst available on Switch, but ones you should avoid at all costs...

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