100 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time

BA-Arkham-City-Joker-600x300 It is often the Videogame heroes that get all of the acclaim, becoming the characters that most people want to dress up as or endeavour to become when they grow up, but what of the videogame villain? They are often the greatest thing about Videogames, whether it be their insane lack of morals or even their humorous personalities, and they often upstage the heroes in their own game. And frankly, they tend to be a lot cooler than heroes, thanks to their brazen disregard for authority and an inflated sense of self that leads to some comically unself-aware moments. A good villain engages the gamer to come back for more - it is our commitment to foiling their diabolical plan that drives a game after all, and if the developers fail on that account, they will generally find complaints that their game lacks the necessary sting in the tail. So, in the same year that Wreck-It-Ralph looks set to challenge what we all know about videogame villains, it's time to look back on some of the greatest villains of all time, and give them the praise they deserve...

100. Lionel Messi - Fifa 13

Whilst Lionel Messi may not be a true Videogame villain, for me his place was always assured on this list because of the sheer skill that he brings to a match. I've lost count of the amount of times Messi has produced a moment of magic in an otherwise even online match that sees me drop the 3 points. Sometimes he's just unstoppable, a great trait for a Videogame villain.

99. Mutant Baby - Zombies (SNES)

Mutant Baby After battling Zombies and saving numerous friends you move forward into the next area and everything seems quiet, a little too quiet. Until all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the Giant Baby hurtles across your screen, trampling you outright with no mercy whatsoever. Truly creepy and totally unexpected, especially when he turns into a regular baby upon his defeat.

98. Charlie Jolson - The Getaway

The GGetaway A highly experienced crime boss who is not only a violent racist, supporting the British National Party, but who is also prone to extreme bouts of anger. He plans to cause a gang war that will help him re-take control of London, doing so by manipulating the Protagonist, Mark Hammond. If that isn't enough, when his plans backfire, he tries to blow every remaining character up aboard his ship, including himself.

97. Teepo - Breath of Fire 3

Teepo Originally one of your starting team, Teepo went missing only to reappear towards the game's climax, revealing that he is also a member of the brood but aligns himself with the Goddess Myria, who believes dragons are too powerful to live alongside people. Sadly, once defeated, Teepo reveals he only ever wanted to live alongside you and Rei as in the beginning of the game.

96. Warren Eckhardt - Dead Space: Extraction

Warren Dead Space Extraction laid waste to the belief by many that a first-person rail shooter can't have an involving story, at which Warren Eckhardt was at the core. Eckhardt was revealed as a devout Unitologist, only to kill the only person that knows and attempt to murder another, all in his quest to capture Lexine for testing as to why she was immune to the effects of the Marker.
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