11 Biggest WTF Missions In GTA History

Only GTA could feature aliens and yoga within the same five minutes.

GTA V aliens

Considering it's bounced back n' forth between balls-to-the-wall craziness and gritty, Michael Mann-esque heist capers, Rockstar have certainly experimented a ton with what GTA's tone is, or can be.

Is it the weirdly quirky likes of nabbing a jetpack and soaring over San Andreas? How about executing a double-crossing gang leader in cold blood, before dumping his body in the harbour? After a decade of soul-searching, 2013 felt like the developers saying, "We dunno, we tried something and it didn't work!" in relation to how GTA IV's more grounded tone was thrown out the window and replaced by the complete insanity of Trevor in GTA V.

That said, over the years, this kitchen sink mentality has forced the player to endure some spectacularly misguided and downright terrible missions - mostly in the pursuit of a laugh or two.

From RC toys filled with explosives to what can only be described as "Dock Worker Simulator 3000", GTA is definitely the king of the open-world sandbox... but occasionally the pauper of good mission design, too.


11. Demolition Man & Bombs Away! - Vice City

If you ever need a reason to pray, just be thankful Rockstar stopped loading their games with these godawful 'toy missions'. San Andreas still got one (which is way higher on this list), but Vice City saw you pilot either a tiny helicopter to navigate a construction site in Demolition Man, or a tiny biplane that was supposed to help you drop bombs on some escaping boats in Bombs Away.

Thing is, GTA's physics always seemed to just break whenever you got behind the controls of a miniaturised vehicle. General manoeuvrability suddenly turns way sharper than before, and that's before you factor in enemies who are attempting to gun you down throughout.

For Bombs Away! in particular, the basic camera view couldn't even show you what was directly beneath the plane. Genuinely fighting the controls to stay airborne whilst being shot at and having to line up drops you can't pinpoint?

It was a "WTF?!" reaction of the most infuriated kind.

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