12 Announced Video Games That Are Never Coming Out

Don't get your hopes up.

Dead Island 2
Deep Silver

Though it's easy to argue that gaming as a medium has never been better - loot box nonsense notwithstanding - it's disheartening to consider that, for every game that scores a 90+ on Metacritic, there are literally dozens of potentially great games that never see the light of day.

In the case of these 12 titles, they were largely announced long ago on a wave of hype and enthusiasm, but in the years since, the buzz has slowed to a crawl, and jaded fans have mostly given up hope that they're actually going to ever be released.

Sure, some of the games have better chances of seeing the light of day than others, and they're not all destined to be classics in the event they do actually come out, but from titles that have probably already been cancelled internally to ambitious projects destined to crash and burn, it's probably better for fans if they're publicly given the chop ASAP...


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