12 Best Video Game Moments Of 2018 (So Far)

Kratos continues to dominate.

God Of War Blades Of Chaos

As July draws to a close and we barrel on into the second half of the year, 2018 continues to be a mighty healthy time for gaming. From Monster Hunter finally coming to the west - and making record numbers - to Dragon Ball FighterZ easily being the best Dragon Ball game of all time, the almighty God of War has also returned in landmark fashion.

Sony's PS4 continues to dominate sales, being furiously chased by the Switch, and even Microsoft have managed to put one foot back in the ring with the likes of State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves.

All of this makes for every game the mainstream cottons onto having its share of incredible moments. Developers of modern games, triple-A or otherwise, are forever designing mixes of worthwhile narratives, addictive mechanics, takeaway story scenes and rewarding gameplay loops.

Combining the lot sees some of the best experiences of the entire generation, but what were their biggest talking points?

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