12 Characters That Should Return In The Next Mortal Kombat Game

7. Frost

An arrogant and discipline-challenged cyromancer cut from the same cloth of Mortal Kombat's favourite ice-caster, Frost introduced herself in MK: Deadly Alliance under the tutelage of Sub-Zero. Fashioning her ice-tempered hair into spiky shards, Frost made for an interesting appearance and divided the MK community in half. 'She's just a female Sub-Zero' one side would chant, whilst the other half of the community would welcome her, citing she contrasted well against the blue-clad ice-ninja given her ulterior motive discovered in her ending; catching Sub-Zero off guard with a blast of the frozen element and subsequently ending up consumed by her own power after wielding his Dragon Medallion. Sub-Zero entombed her in an uncharted temple ruin, where he discovered that both he and Frost descend from a lineage of believed-to-be-extinct cyromancers. This can be an interesting plot to develop in the future, could Frost actually share blood with Sub-Zero? Could they discover secrets woven into the history of their race? What of the Dragon Medallion, would she be a force to be reckoned with if she harnesses her power? Could she be the one to befall Sub-Zero? Questions like these just showcase the potential such a character like Frost possesses. Her special moves felt limited in gameplay, moves that Sub-Zero could have easily taken back for himself. It's conceivable for Frost to make more varied ice weapon constructs to be used in the fight, with a more agile and flashy use of her powers to set her apart from the slower, more disciplined style of her mentor.

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