12 Nintendo Switch Exclusives - Ranked From Worst To Best

The plumber, the Hyrulean champ and the spring-armed annoyance.

Nintendo Switch Exclusives

After one of the best years in their history as a video game company, Nintendo are still firing on all cylinders as 2018 kicks into gear. Major first-party exclusives like Kirby and Yoshi are coming across the first half of the year, with the experimental and downright loveable Nintendo Labo also dropping in the next couple of months.

Because make no mistake, this is Nintendo getting back on the saddle; remembering why they're such a name in the industry at all. It's not about motion controlled gimmicks or curtailing an immensely popular - yet fleeting - mainstream crowd.

No, it's those of us that played The Legend of Zelda until we'd bombed every last rock, ducked and weaved through every Cornerian onslaught and taken Samus across one of the best first-person stories of her otherwise side-scrolling career.

It was - in a phrase now coined by Sony - for the players. Such a mentality is now more than evident, as the Switch has one of the most confident and powerful lineups in Nintendo history.

That said, which are the best, and are there any exclusives you should avoid?

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