12 Notoriously Difficult Video Game Achievements Nobody Unlocked

650 hours worth of work for only 60 gamerscore? Seems reasonable...

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Xbox achievement and Playstation trophy-hunters will stop at nothing to complete every little challenge a game has to offer. Methodically moving down the list until they have everything ticked off, even if it means passing up new releases that are dropping at the same time, sometimes it's worth sticking with one title just to feel the satisfaction of seeing that final achievement pop.

Some trophies are more impressive than others though; anyone can nab a quick home run from easy titles like My Name is Mayo or Infamous: Second Son, but they lack the prestige of a game like Metal Gear Solid V, where being able to claim the game's most difficult trophies reflects a real test of might and a sense of dedication on the player's behalf.

However, there are some achievements that even the most diehard trophy hunters out there had to admit were completely out of their reach. Ridiculously demanding challenges, these specialist achievements are what mark out the most dedicated gamers from the regular schmucks, and with only a fraction of players ever achieving them. It's certainly not hyperbole to say that the vast majority of people don't even have a chance of being able to proudly display them on their player profile.

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