12 Star Wars Easter Eggs In Video Games You Totally Missed

9. Wampa Cave - Duke Nukem 3D/Saints Row IV/Skyrim

Star Wars duke nukem 3d

One of the most iconic scenes in Star Wars history, Luke wrenching his lightsaber out the snow through force of will alone ended up inspiring tons of developers to pay homage, as recreations have then shown up in all manner of games.

Firstly, above is from the level E2-L7 from Duke Nukem 3D, where you can find a bruised and battered Luke dangling upside down, sans lightsaber.

Deep Silver

Next is from Saints Row IV's Christmas DLC, 'How the Saints Saved Christmas', where if you journey into a certain cave just off the beaten path, you'll find this hapless gingerbread Jedi who's come undone, somehow burying his candy cane lightsaber in the snow below. Saints Row also paid homage to Boba Fett with the 'Ransom Collector' outfit, which you can find on Planet Zin.

star wars skyrim

Lastly, this Skyrim easter egg is located in Bleakcoast Cave to the North East of the map, and again shows Luke... if he never made it out alive. Sadly, the sword here better resembles Excalibur, as this version of Skywalker just couldn't move it.

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