13 Best Star Wars Video Games Of All Time

Battlefront 2 is great, but Kyle Katarn trumps everything.


Most video game adaptations of licensed properties crash and burn by the time they hit consoles, but the Star Wars franchise has maintained a pretty solid standard of quality when it comes to its games library.

Sure, some releases like The Force Unleashed 2 came close to challenging the prequel trilogy as being the worst thing to ever happen to the series, but even the most disappointing titles for the most part still managed to authentically capture the magic of the sci-fi universe.

Because at the end of the day, being able to mimic the distinct iconography and feel of the franchise is half the battle. In the same way that Spider-Man fans enjoy simply swinging around New York City, just being able to live in the world of Star Wars is enough to save even the most disappointing video games.

The truly excellent releases are not only able to mimic the aesthetic of the films however, but craft their own individual take on the iconic series. From introducing amazing new fan-favourite characters to highlighting epic battles that were only ever hinted at in the movies, the best Star Wars games add something unique to world of the series.

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