13 Iconic Video Games That Were Sold With Hilariously Terrible Box Art

1. Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition

Rocksteady Studios

Forget about psychopathic clowns and freeze gun-wielding maniacs, the Caped Crusader's one true enemy, as you can clearly discern from Bats' disgruntled snarl on Arkham City's game of the year box, is critic reviews.

Why, on any plane of existence, Warner Bros. thought it was a grand idea to bombard the case for Rocksteady's sequel with numbers and quotes beggars belief. Fine, reassure fans of the Bat, who perhaps missed the initial launch, that Rocksteady's classic is worth picking up, but try to be a little more subtle about it, eh?

Box art should sell what it's advertising off the back of the product's own merit, not devolve into the visual equivalent of having a salesperson incessantly blurting its strengths in your face until they're blue in the face.

Time for a reshuffling of the marketing department, methinks.

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