13 Reasons 2019's Biggest Video Games Might Suck

Trust EA to screw up Star Wars.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

As the last 12 months have proven once again, the wild world of video game development is an insanely unpredictable one.

Could anyone have expected Fallout 76 to end up one of the worst-reviewed AAA games of the last few years, or one of the year's most acclaimed games to be Celeste, an indie platformer developed by just a small handful of people?

As 2019 looms and the cycle begins all over again, it's fair to say that some of next year's most anticipated AAA titles have been raising some red flags as of late.

While it's entirely possible that every single one of these games ends up a pleasant surprise if not a stonking success, the numbers game says that at least some of them will fail to meet expectations.

As ever, it'd be wonderful to be wrong, but you'd be smart to cancel those standing pre-orders and wait for reviews in each case...

13. It's Style Over Substance - Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom hearts 3
Square Enix

Why It Might Suck: Despite being one of the most closely-guarded AAA releases of 2019, Kingdom Hearts III was extensively previewed to the press at an invite-only event last summer, and the general consensus coming away was pretty mixed.

Though there was praise for the visuals and how the game has incorporated various Disney IP - especially Toy Story - some critics also noted a feeling that it was an exercise in style over substance.

The age-old complaints about the series' pesky controls and camera issues have been raised once again, and this is especially problematic as combat can be so chaotic, making it tougher to keep up with the enemy onslaught than it surely should be.

Why It Might Not: While 6 months probably isn't enough time to completely overhaul KH3's issues, it certainly gives Square Enix time to somewhat refine the floaty controls and dodgy camera.

Plus, it's easy to imagine fans and critics alike being so bowled over by the game's overall heft and sweep that these complaints end up more of a footnote than a defining characteristic.

And after all, Final Fantasy XV received overwhelming praise despite its glaring launch problems, so wait and see.

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