13 Upcoming PS4 Exclusive Games You Must Consider

The must-own upcoming PS4 exclusives.

Detroit Become Human
Quantic Dream

Though this year's E3 may have been a little disappointing in terms of showcasing exciting new games across all platforms, that didn't stop the PS4 in particular still proving that it's got a ton of great exclusive content on the horizon.

While the number of pure exclusive console games has been eroding significantly in recent years, especially with Microsoft's recent Play Anywhere initiative, the PS4 does nevertheless have a number of exciting upcoming games you won't be able to play anywhere else.

From much-loved IPs that were presumably bribed to become exclusive PS4 releases, to exciting new IPs and even a few hot new VR offerings, the future's looking bright for Sony's line-up of must-own titles not available on any other console.

At a time where the Xbox One's exclusive line-up is depressingly scant, it's perhaps little surprise that this generation's sales juggernaut is meanwhile attracting so many exclusive games...

13. Spider-Man

Spider Man PS4 Combat

Release Date: Q1/Q2 2018

The new open-world Spider-Man game comes from Sunset Overdrive developers Insomniac Games, and considering their experience with frantic, over-the-top action, it's safe to say that expectations are pretty damn high.

The gameplay shown off so far looks visually stunning and gorgeously cinematic, while also emphasising the freedom that any game starring the web-slinger absolutely needs to.

Simply, Spidey and Insomniac seem like a mighty match, and the fact that the game isn't tethered to any existing continuity, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, should allow it free rein to be as bombastic and lightning-paced as possible.

Plus, Miles Morales is in it, so it's clearly made by people with a reverence for Spidey's history both old and new.


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