14 Best Acting Performances In Video Game History

As the medium continues to rival cinema more directly, what are the most standout performances?

One of the best things about watching the gaming medium flourish and evolve is seeing its cinematic flare expand alongside. As video games have matured, so have the ways in which they tell their stories, with the cinematic techniques on display now rivalling those used in film and television. Motion capture, script-writing and voice acting in particular have all contributed to the rise of gaming as a serious narrative force in recent years, but that hasn't always led to the greatest performances being recognised. Instead, roles are often rated on the iconic status of the character being portrayed, and though those performances are great in their own right, they're not as emotionally provocative or indeed as complex as others that have been overlooked in the past. This means you won't be seeing the Duke Nukems or the Master Chiefs of the medium on this list, because whilst those performances are certainly more recognisable and commendable in many respects, they don't quite illustrate the wide-ranging talents that have been displayed since. Still, many of these roles are only made possible by an impressive script, so irrespective of just how good an actor is, they're only as good as the material they're given. It can go both ways, but that only highlights why we should reflect on the best video games have offered so far. Spoilers ahead.

14. Melissa Hutchison - Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Clementine from The Walking Dead is a prime example of a well-rounded, authentic character, benefitting from both fantastic dialogue and a remarkable voice actor in Melissa Hutchison. She's the heart and soul of the series, and despite the fact that the second season degraded in quality somewhat, Clem still remains a fantastic character worth staying invested in. Though her age would indicate a sense of vulnerability, Clementine is anything but passive. In fact, she's an incredibly proactive character who is able to persevere in extremely dire circumstances. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyUC7nE-f2M She may be unsettled by the events that transpire around her, but Hutchison makes it clear that though everything feels bleak on the horizon, Clem's youthful optimism enables her to pull through. It's an admirable trait to have in the zombie apocalypse, but it never feels dismissive of its severity.
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