14 Mind-Blowing Batman: Arkham Series Facts

You almost got something that would've resembled Batman: Guitar Hero.


Now that the final instalment in Rocksteady's phenomenal Arkham trilogy is out (Origins was solid too, but that was Warner Bros. Montreal studio), fans are justifiably ecstatic with the staggering amount of content on offer.

From the largest assembly of villains so far to one of the most enticing villains conceived in any Batman mythos, to the slew of awesome gadgets, refined combat and suitably gorgeous graphics - if this really is the final instalment from such a gifted developer, it's one hell of a way to go out.

However, many gamers don't realise just how far the team have come over the years, as they've got one hell of a story to tell considering the first Arkham Asylum quite literally put them on the map overnight. Have a think for a second; do you know any other Rocksteady games? Probably not.

That's precisely down to the fact the studio only had the sleeper hit Urban Chaos: Riot Response to their name before Batman up and landed in their lap, and although there are a number of different things that led to that point as if by sheer luck - the Arkham trilogy could only exist in such a positive light today thanks to this one and only developer.

It's time to celebrate that fact; so give yourself a score of 0, and for every fact you know you get one point. Let us know your scores in the comments below...

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