14 Most Hotly-Anticipated Video Games Of Summer 2016 - Ranked

From the streets of Manhattan to a galaxy far, far away...

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Following the delay of No Man's Sky, it's easy to cast an eye over the next three months of release schedules and come away thinking there's not a whole lot else to write home about.

But oh, how wrong you'd be. Summer 2016 is packed with everything from 2D side-scrollers to expansive, dinosaur-riding MOBAs, its games are more spaced out to assumedly account for whatever fully-formed treats are about to drop into our laps at E3.

The following titles run the gamut of quality, production budgets and even fairly unknown licensed tie-ins (Ghostbusters, anyone?), so let's take stock of the good and the bad - and don't worry, there's way more good than bad...


14. Mighty No.9


Maybe, maybe, if we all pray to the Many-Faced God, hold a rabbit's foot and recant a long-forgotten prayer about the original Sony-Nintendo Play Station, Mighty No.9 will actually be an awesome game.

As it stands though - and particularly how it looks after the debut trailer - Keiji Inafune's Kickstarted Mega Man-inspired spin-off looks set to disappoint in the biggest way possible.

From day one, the overwhelming amount of support for the project lead to a number of additional production goals (including multiplayer components nobody wanted), only for Inafune to repeatedly delay the release, start additional projects without any info as to Mighty No.9's development, and now... that trailer.

So yup, it could be great, it could be a return to the Mega Man of yore - a brilliant 2D blaster that tests your mettle as much as you do its ability to chain abilities together. But that trailer, man. Damn.

Oh, and it raised 4million dollars. You're looking at a game that's saying directly to its backers, fans and consumers, "I am worth 4 million dollars."

Let that sink in.

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