15 Best Batman Video Games - Ranked

From the asylum to the city and back again.

Batman Games

Although his Arkham-based entries have tended to steal the spotlight, Batman's long history as a fictional character has long crossed over into gaming. From the halcyon days and pixellated delights of the NES, to the 3D revolution, influx of HD and - inevitably - the delights of 4K, a gigantic amount of developers contributed their sizeable talents to all manner of Bat-themed software.

Interestingly, the malleability of the character we've seen elsewhere - the campy delights of the 60s Adam West Bat to the gruff, self-reflective take in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns - has allowed developers to ply the Caped Crusader to everything from Tomb Raider-esque exploration to arena-based multiplayer, side-scroller brawling and everything in between.

Indeed, DC have always favoured lending out Batman more than any other character in their roster - and for good reason; seldom has there been a truly duff game featuring the black Bat. Instead, as authors and auteurs experimented with his portrayal on the page and silver screen, we saw the video game end of things keep that bar held relatively high throughout.

From childhood favourites to bonafide best games of all time, the World's Greatest Detective has fronted some fantastic titles in his lifetime, starting with...

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