15 Best Disney Video Games

To Infinity and beyond.


The first game to ever dart out of the Mouse House was, quite aptly, Mickey Mouse. This Game & Watch title (that odd Nintendo handheld) arrived in 1981 and set a precedent for platforming including dodging, jumping and collecting that's felt to this day.

Today, when you look back at the games devised by Disney and created by its favoured developers - Sierra, Capcom, Virgin Interactive and the company's own Disney Studios - it's hard not to be impressed by the design that goes into each and every one.

Out of the near exhaustive list of Disney games released, it's not all been plain sailing on the good ship Steamboat Mickey, and for every fun Donald Duck romp or movie tie in, there will be a buggy Kim Possible PlayStation button-masher, or worse still, Princess Fashion Boutique that sent your copy of Windows 95 into a slumber *shudder*.

Never fear, for your happy ending is here, courtesy of a list that shoots a big red plunger though the whole lot, separating the ace from the awful, leaving us with fifteen titles to get all warm and, erm, Disney over. Enjoy.

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